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Touchwood Lifespaces

As per the Ancient belief trees (oak wood) were homes of good spirits. Hence, touching wood would help ward off evil spirits. Therefore, there is a tradition to say ‘Touchwood‘ to express gratitude & bestowing Good luck.

At Touchwood whatever we do in our social organization and businesses is invariably Inspired by Nature.

We at Touchwood, through our culture, services and products bring Positive Energy and in turn Good Luck to all our team members, clients, vendors, associates, partners, stakeholders
and community as a whole.

We promise to build the most Optimistic and Happier Communities around the globe.

Why Invest in

Plots/Passive Income homes
FD, RD, Gold, Share Market.


Estimated appreciation of 15% per annum


Estimated rental income of 6 – 10 % per annum


Easy to liquidate compared to real estate investment in cities due to low ticket value & high demand


Unlike gold & share market investments, this is the only investment which grows in monetary value as well as at minimal risk


Can be experienced by your loved ones and passed on through generations

NEST signifies spaces that are inspired by nature.

Birds build a nest with the warmth, precision, and envelopment that characterizes Loving Nature.

In this modern world, we all wish to be nested and loved.

At Touchwood Lifespaces, NEST is validation that recognizes real estate projects which are Nature Integrated, Environment Conscious, Spacious and Thoughtful.

Nature Integrated

Landscape being the only inspiration, spaces are designed intaking and capturing the essence.

Environment Conscious

Sustainable and ecofriendly built where surroundings remain untouched.


Sustainable and ecofriendly built where surroundings remain untouched.


Thoughtful by nature and experts inputs are valued, thought over and presented with implemented

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